Welcome to People Zone – for People-Powered Organisational Transformation

Leadership Development

Do you want to build a senior leadership team whose members are motivated to collaborate effectively, using their many and diverse talents to respond to any challenge?

Team Building

Do your people love their work, value their colleagues and communicate effectively to resolve differences?

Strategic Planning

Do you want your people to be able to develop visionary strategies through meaningful consultation of all key stakeholders and which clearly articulate your USP, your strategic priorities and contributions of each team?


Are you delivering results for your international aid and development programmes?  We support international aid organisations design, monitor and evaluate relief and development programmes focused on social development and social protection.

People Zone exists to strengthen capacity of Not-for-Profit organisations driving social change and global justice in both emergency and development contexts. 

Our magic lies in our approach: catalysing leadership at all levels; transforming workplace culture from dysfunctional to dynamic; building organisational communities which value diversity, are both challenging and supportive, and which motivate their people to give more than their best.

Key to our approach is participation and engagement; though – with People Zone – these are not buzzwords, but principles crucial to transformation.

Sustainability is key:  the development of internal change agents, and the fostering of continuous learning and innovation, are mutually-reinforcing and central elements of our organisational development work.

Our aim is to build internal capacity to replicate, and expand, the interventions and impact that we bring.

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Our Vision for Transformation

A fair and equal world in which…

  • People’s rights are respected and their needs met for a fulfilled life;
  • Difference is valued, and diverse communities strive to find More in Common with each other;
  • The world’s economy sustains, nurtures and protects the planet’s resources;
  • Power is shared responsibly.  Pacifism is a global default

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People Zone's transforming interventions:

Leadership Development

Flock of migrating birds signifying leadership

Would you like to transform your Senior Managers into confident and high-performing Leadership Teams?

Team Building

Does your organisation culture encourage leadership at all levels, provide a safe space for learning, and motivate people to give their absolute best?

Strategic Planning

Does your organisation's vision and strategy inspire your staff to collaborate, innovate and outperform expectations?


graphic emergency context We carry out consultancies for international organisations working in disaster response and development.

Internal Capacity Building to Scale & Sustain

For all our programmes we support clients to scale and sustain the changes we bring through the development of talented individuals with natural facilitation skills. 

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