How we do it

How We Do ItOur approach to work is guided by our philosophy of bringing lasting impact – i.e., sustainable change.  This means bringing empowerment and capacity building into the core of our approach.

Client-centred relationships

Our starting point for all our work is an exploration of the client’s needs and expectations, and identifying how the unique capabilties of our community can best address these challenges.  Our proposals set out the results we will achieve, how we will work, the roles and responsibilities of all parties, and the added value which we bring to the task.

Diversity of approaches

We take a consultancy approach in situations the client lacks the capacity or time to get the work done internally.

A coaching approach is most effective where an internal manager has responsibility for leading development and change, but lacks experience and knowledge.   In some cases we adopt a content-neutral coaching style; and in some cases we may be asked to provide specialist opinion (moving into an advisory role).  We offer Action Learning sets for groups of individuals who share a common development goal or change challenge.

We play the role of facilitator where organization development and change is desired, but with effective participation from differnt parts of the organization.  As facilitators our role is generally content-neutral. As facilitators we take responsibility for designing and managing any group process.

Our training approach is essentially “facilitated learning”.  Providing specialist content as required and relevant to the work context and learners’ needs, we draw actively on the knowledge and experience of participants to capture the wisdom in the room, to deepen the learning, and to bring more likelihoood that the learning will be applied back in the workplace.  In some cases a learning programme may be combined with other approaches (e.g. leadership development combined with coaching, or action learning).

We take the role of Mediator where a client has requested us to mediate between two parties to arrive at an understanding and a “way forward” out of an impasse.   Our role is content neutral and impartial.  Our only interest is in achieving a solution which is acceptable to both parties.

Applied Improvisation is a technique that we build into coaching and facilitation when useful.

The particular role we play will emerge through discussions at the design stage of our work with you, and based on the challenges you are facing and your interests – such as your preferred role and the learning you are seeking.