Strategic planning

We specialise in participatory processes generally, but strategic planning is one application where participation brings multiple rewards.

The process we use is based on the framework developed by the ICA, a global network of change agencies which has developed and refined participatory processes over decades of experience in organization and community development.

The ICA approach makes what might otherwise be a complex and muddled process into one that is clear, flows logically, covers every base, and delivers a concrete and thoroughly-considered strategic plan, performance milestones, activities and commitments to these activities.

A participatory approach allows us to use the “wisdom in the room”, so that the resulting strategy is feasible and wise, while also building genuine engagement of staff and other stakeholders during the proceess.

The process:

  • consult
    • with target groups who will be affected by the new strategy;
    • with partners who we would like to work with on it;
  • explore past, present and future trends, risks and opportunities
  • examine our strengths and constraints that have held us back in the past;
  • create a shared vision for change
  • Set the future direction:
    • a vision that inspires people to engage
    • strategic directions which enable us to achieve our vision for change
  • identify milestones against which to measure performance
  • identify leaders for each activity area
  • develop trust and understanding within the organization and with key stakeholders

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