Team building

Team-building is a vital tool to keep organizations and groups running efficiently and effectively.  When teams are strong there is no limit to what they can achieve.  When they start to falter many people prefer to ignore the signs, hide their heads in the sand, and hope it just gets better on its own.  Yet this rarely happens, and the problems often get worse.

PeopleZone provides a safe and structured process for teams to get back on track.  We don’t just get people to do nice things together, although that is part of it.  We focus on making sure the conversations happen that need to happen in order for people to move on.

The process starts with the team sharing their perspectives on the organization’s vision or mission – helping them engage by connecting them wiht the reason why they are there.  We then explore their own team’s mandate – raising awareness of the importance of their team.

Then we look at how the team functions, looking at behaviours, assumptions, patterns which cause people to behave the way they do, and the implications of this behaviour for team health.  We consider how people are different, and the challenges associated with inter-personal differences.

We provide space for issues to surface, and we conversations which enable sensitive issues to be dealt with rather than buried.  We use games and other tools borrowed from the world of improvisation which help break down barriers and help people look at each other, and how they see the issues, in a different way.

We close by re-connecting the team to their team’s strategic plan, ending with feedback to the sponsor.

Click here to download PeopleZone’s approach to Teambuilding, or get in touch to let us know what you’d like help with and we’ll get in touch with you.