group_talkingOur role as facilitators involves working closely with our clients to design and deliver a workshop which will be participatory, structured, engaging, productive, efficient, and successful.

When we facilitate the client is responsible for content, and we are there solely to design and manage the process through to a successful outcome.

Our focus on the process means that we:

  • ensure the design of the overall event is balanced – with a variety of tools and activities to accomplish the desired objectives, with as much active participation as possible.
  • ensure that the time is appropriate for the planned content; we ensure the sessions keep to time where possible.
  • check the questions for participants are clear and speak to the workshop goals.
  • ensure outputs are collated from each session, that they feed into subsequent sessions, and into the final report.
  • check whether the process needs to be modified in response to emerging needs and interests.
  • check in with the client throughout the event to ensure the process is meeting their needs, and that the client is playing the role they wish to play.

Our work is guided by the competencies established by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF).

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