When clients need assistance to resolve disputes within an organization, or community, we take the role of Mediator.

The key feature of this role is the Mediator’s disinterest in a particular outcome, and their focus on, and interest for, developing a resolution that both parties accept – enabling them to move on.

In work-placed mediation mediators might be brought in by the HR department, but they can be requested by managers, or by one or both parties to the conflict.

A restorative approach (sometimes known as “restorative justice” or “RJ” is a variation on the mediation process.  It is usually used when there is general understanding that one party has harmed the other.  The restorative process brings together the “offender” and the “victim” to share their experience of what happened, and the impact it had on them.  Restorative approaches have been associated with drastic decreases in the rate of reoffending for young offenders, and the ability of the victim to gain “closure”.

We also provide training in conflict management, communication and feedback skills to support mediation process where possible or to sustain impact.  These initiatives help people identify and modify behaviours which contributed to the situation.

Please contact us for an informal discussion about your interest in mediation.