How People Zone can help you

Do some of these challenges resonate with you?

  • unclear goals and strategic priorities, no sense of accountability?
  • difficulty recruiting good staff, and high staff turnover?
  • toxic work culture, low trust, high conflict?
  • staff disengaged after restructuring, down-sizing or audit?
  • staff unprepared to deliver on results, or respond to increased demand?  

Are you:

  • a Director heading up a Country Programme, Sector or Division? 
  • responsible for supporting Country Directors from HQ or a Regional office 
  • responsible for managing change or Organisation development
  • responsible for Learning and Development, Talent Management? 
  • A Leader of a consortium, network or Community of Practice? 

People Zone’s range of interventions and training programmes

Leadership Development

Flock of migrating birds signifying leadership

Would you like to transform your Senior Managers into confident and high-performing Leadership Teams?

Talk to us about how* we can transform your managers from a group of high-potential individuals working at cross-purposes into a purposeful team of confident leaders.

*Cutting edge theory, tried and tested process, participant’s manuals, 360 Feedback, Action projects, facilitated interactive conversations.

Strategic Planning

Does your organisation’s vision and strategy inspire your staff to innovate and outperform expectations?

Find out about how* we can help you achieve maximum buy-in from your staff and key stakeholders when you next develop a thematic, division or country strategic plan.

*The secret is a facilitated and interactive process which captures the wisdom in the room.

Team Building

locking horns

Does your organisation catalyse leadership at all levels and motivate people to give their absolute best?  Are your staff happy at work, proud to work there, fulfilled, valued and challenged?

Talk to us about how* we can transform your workplace from a dysfunctional to dynamic.

*Includes a tried and tested process, a sensitive and responsive facilitator, a safe space for exchanging feedback, quite a few applied drama exercises and a venue far from the workplace



We support international aid and development organisations with consultancy services to improve disaster management and development programming.

This includes organisation development work (review of structure, systems and policies) as well as programme review and learning.

We work across all sectors, specialising in social protection, social development and poverty/context analysis.