What we do

What We DoWe strengthen organizational performance in three ways.  We directly deliver people-centred solutions to address particular challenges; we develop internal leaders; and we build soft skills which enhance performance.  All our work is guided by an overarching commitment to sustainable development, social change and global justice.

Deliver People-Centred Solutions

Where organizations lack internal capacity to lead organizational change activities we directly intervene – working closely with internal leaders to ensure maximum relevance, buy-in as well as sustainable capacity development.  For more information click here.

Develop Internal Change Leaders

We also develop internal capacity to lead change.  This includes not just developing leadership among senior managers but also enabling leadership to flourish throughout the organization.  Our “Nine Conversations in Leadership” intervention is a powerful combination of leadership development combined with a structured process for organizational change.  Our “Heart of Leadership” is a one-day course which connects managers with their passion for leading change – catalysing their leadership role in the organization.  Both are adaptable for any organizational context.  For more information click here.

Build Organization Development (OD) skills

Our OD skills-building work focuses on skills that establish and maintain a healthy environment for learning, innovation and high performance.  We think of these skills as the oil that keeps the engine running smoothly.  They are all about engaging people, helping them develop insight about themselves and their relationships with others and encouraging them to step up and take a leadership role to lead change in their chosen domain.  We offer training within companies and off-site courses in facilitation, coaching, training, mediation and applied improvisation.  For more information click here.