Develop leaders

Developing Leaders SmallWe work with organizations who want to develop their own leaders and establish a culture which encourages people to make the choice to step up and lead others, and to take responsiblity for influencing the organization’s direction and performance.

Developing leaders, challenging old paradigms

Competitive organizations realize that they can’t leave leadership to those at the top. A strong leadership culture which encourages leadership throughout the organization means more staff will be scanning the horizon, will take preventive measures to avert disaster, will seize and expand opportunities, and will be developing new leaders to come after them.  All this brings not just productivity benefits, but has a knock-on effect on organizational well-being as peeople feel more valued, engaged and enjoy stepping up to lead,

Our leadership courses draw on the cutting edge resources developed by Worldsview Academy.  Our interventions use creative and powerful approaches which blend learning about leadership with development of leadership skills and engages people on three levels:  head (theory), heart (values, resonance), hands (practical application).  In addition, our Nine Conversations in Leadership programme offers significant advantages over other programmes:  it requires the leadership team to apply their learning and take action on organizational challenges revealed during the discussions.

We use a variety of other tools to strengthen learning – including games and exercises drawn from the rich work of Applied Improvisation – to help leaders become more comfortable with chaos, uncertainty and change, to help them develop stronger relationships within their teams, and to accept and encourage the contributions of others.  We can also strengthen learning outcomes with leadership coaching for individuals or Action Learning for groups.

Our Leadership Programmes

Senior Leaders

WVA_9CNine Conversations in Leadership: This pragmatic work-based programme takes place over several months, enabling senior leadership teams to define and address organizational change goals while developing their own leadership competencies.  Unlike most leadership development programmes this has a clear link with the business context, ensuring immediate application of new knowledge, behaviours and attitudes.  And because it is focused on the development of a “leadership cell” the intervention also delivers powerful team-building results.

  • shared understanding developed about old and new paradims for effective leadership  (knowledge, skills, attitudes)
  • deep understanding of own leadership strengths and development areas
  • key Organization Development issues examined
  • organizational challenges identified, and opportunities to address them seized
  • stronger, more supportive relationships developed within the team
  • emergence of a more conducive culture for leadership, innovation and learning
Who is Nine Conversations in Leadership designed for?
  • Senior leadership teams of large organizations
  • Senior leaders of divisions, projects, off-shore operations
  • Leaders of small businesses, charities and social enterprises who don’t have the luxury of working with a strong senior management team.

Igniting Leadership

WVA_HOL_HorizontalOur one-day “Heart of Leadership” workshops are for people from any organization who seek to develop their leadership competencies while exploring their own attitude and commitment to leadership.  Ideal as a stand-alone intervention, or as a follow-up to internal organizational leadership development programmes. Action Learning Sets and coaching can be arranged to reinforce and sustain the development of talented leaders, helping them apply their learning to their work environment.

Key Features
  • Cutting edge theory provided in Participants’ Manual
  • Participants explore different leadership paradigms and examine their own leadership style
  • Participants learn about inspired leaders, and question their own atttitudes which may have held them back.
  • The course challenges participants to make the choice to step up and lead others
  • A programme of Action Learning follows this public workshop, maintaining relationships established during the day.
What people have said about Heart of Leadership

Why I liked the Heart of Leadership (HoL)

  • “The HoL was a great reminder of the role of management as being a free role – it’s fun, vital, it’s great, but it demands a lot of efforts, commitment and will”.
  • “I learned about the power of story-telling to inspire others, and about the need to have courage to identify the one good thing that will enable us to change the opinions of those who are working against us”.
  • “It helped me look deep inside and recognize issues related to the “why’s” when things do not work well, and it helped me think through some “how’s” to make things better in the future”.
  • “I have attended a number of “leadership” trainings/workshops, but this was really good because its basis is coaching us in our own leadership style instead of directing us towards a particular type of leader that the organization wants us to be. It inspired me to reflect on my own leadership skills and develop plans to continue my development”.

I would recommend the Heart of Leadership to my friends or colleagues because I found it:

  • “interesting and reflective”, “very  much constructive and inspiring”, “it would be exellent for the whole of our senior mangement team as well as our core partners to help them develop leadership potential”.

Leading Purposeful Teams

Purposeful TeamsWe are interested in developing new leadership programmes for “special interest groups” and social entrepreneurs to meet their needs for leadership development training as well as support for their their work building social change movements.

Core elements
  • The process comprises co-creation, with the programme guided by the goals, needs, interests and preferences of the group, and PeopleZone providing the framework and structure for the development process.
  • It will include development of sustainable delivery systems to ensure the expansion of leadership development programmes among these special interest groups.
  • It will provide an opportunity for leadership development programmes to support leadership development for new stakeholder relationships involving two or more partners which have contrasting cultures