Deliver people-centred solutions

Delivering SolutionsAn important part of our work supports senior managers to bring about organizational change.  We work with internal change agents at all phases of the change process:  from identifying the vision for change, designing the most effective strategy for getting there, to measuring the impact of the change, and drawing out learning.

We specialise in using participatory processes to ensure the optimum buy-in and to make the best use of the available wisdom of staff and other stakeholders.

How We Help Our Clients

  • Leading context and situation analysis
  • Analysing resistance to change and designing strategies for enhancing change-readiness
  • Using participatory processes to create/strengthen the organizational vision and strategy, identify opportunities and threats, evaluate stakeholders, and establish performance milestones.
  • Reviewing talent management strategies to ensure a sustainable supply of quality staff to support the organizational strategy:
  • Designing and facilitating learning workshops and conferences as well as broader organizational learning.
  • Building resilience through individual and group coaching and applied improvisation;
  • Enhancing conflict management and addressing dysfunction through mediation, team-building and diversity management programmes and coaching.
  • Sustainability and corporate social responsibility:  supporting organizations in their efforts to develop sustainable business practices and to contribute to positive social and environmental change.