Product partners

PeopleZone works with a number of specialist organizations which have developed some great products (Intellectual Property or IP). Our experience has shown these products to be highly relevant for the needs of our customers, in tune with our vision and values, enjoyable and adaptable.  And most important, because of the impact they have on groups and organizations we work with.

WorldsView Academy (WVA)

Final WVA Logo BirdWVA™ has developed great interventions and training programmes for leadership development and team-building, and we’ve not found any which come close.  Core elements of the WVA programmes include:

  • cutting edge theory provided as workbooks to participants in advance
  • facilitated conversations which draw out participants’ wisdom and experience and help them apply their learning to their own context;
  • processes which strengthen relationships among participants;
  • blended learning – working at the head (theory), heart (values), and hands (action).
Nine Conversations in Leadership

WVA_9C_VerticalNine Conversations in Leadership (9C) is our flagship programme for in-house development of teams of strong and inspirational leaders which is directly linked to the application of learning to address organizational weaknesses.

The intervention ideally takes place over 6-9  moand individual and team action projects can be used to tackle issues raised during the sessions.

Heart of Leadership

Heart of LeadershipThe Heart of Leadership is our flagship programme for developing leadership within the ranks of organizations – among middle managers and front-line staff with responsibility for influencing people.  The intervention is great for re-connecting people with their change leadership issue, for helping people understand the role of leaders (as opposed to managers), and for building their skills to influence others and encourage followership.  This intervention can be combined with Action Learning Sets and Leadership Coaching.

Both can be adapted to meet the client’s needs.  Click here for more information on our leadership programmes.

Purposeful Teams (PT)

WVA_PT_VerticalPurposeful Teams is a powerful team-building process which gets to the heart of what teams are all about:  trust, shared responsibility, agreed ways of working, a shared purpose.

Through this intervention our facilitators create a safe space in which the team can address deep-seated challenges and move forwards with confidence and a renewed sense of hope, mutual respect and team commitment.  Along the way we encourage team members to communicate more effectively, we raise awareness of individual styles and personalities, we help the team identify team roles and we help them articulate their individual contributions to the team’s mandate and the organizational vision.  Our programme sets new norms for how the team wants to work together, and we build internal skills for maintaining high performance long after our role is over.[download id=”634″]

PT can be complemented by extended sessions on personal and team discovery – for instance, conflict management, mediation, communication, improvisation, feedback.

Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) and the Technology of Participation (ToP)

ICA-UKThe Institute of Cultural Affairs has been working in international community development for decades.  The wealth of experience the organization has gained over the years has led to the creation of participatory processes which are ideal to tackle major organizational challenges – for instance strategic planning [download id=”626″] and action planning.

PeopleZone is a licensed training provider for these courses, which we can run in-house for you if our public workshops[download id=”628″] don’t suit your timeline.   Facilitation skills training is a cost effective way of building facilitation competencies quickly and effectively within organizations – to enable productive group dialogue to replace boring and pointless meetings. We also use these processes to structure the PeopleZone consultancy process for OD.

Coaching Development (CD) 

Coaching Development

Coaching Development is an organization established to provide professional coaching training to independent coaches as well as within organizations.  We appreciate CD’s approach beacuse it follows the International Coaching Federation competencies closely, is extremely practical – with 60 hours of coaching practice during the course alone, and it is spread over several months – allowing time for reflection and practice with coaching clients.